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Krystal S. Brown

Bookkeeper / Owner





Harrowgate, Philadelphia, PA

About Me

Hi! I am Krystal!

   I am a thirty-something-year-old woman born in North Philadelphia.

Currently living in the Harrowgates Section of the city.

My financial field journey began in 2005. I gained my knowledge over

the last eighteen years, through my experience.

I began working for an accountant in her basement

office for a short period of time, there I learned how to account for every receipt

and how to enter information into QuickBooks and why.

Then in 2006 at a legal office in Center City Philadelphia, as a file clerk and receptionist.

I worked my way into the financial field and became the Financial Director's Assistant.

During and after my ten years of employment I worked directly with CFOs, Accountants & CPAs.

In 2017, working as a full charge bookkeeper for a franchise, I decided why not? to start my own bookkeeping service.

I knew it would not be easy, to transition from employee to self-employment

but with confidence, ambition, and with God's will I am still overcoming the challenges

of being self-employed and supporting my family. I enjoy what I do.

Organizing numbers and cleaning up financial transactions correctly

is highly enjoyable for meI am also good at it.

It gives me the freedom to work efficiently and

I am able to spend time with my family.

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