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Quickbooks Desktop or Online version

What is QB or QBO?

QuickBooks is a business, simple accounting software that tracks your business income and expenses, and organizes your financial information for you, in some cases eliminating manual data entry. QuickBooks simplifies small business accounting and automates tasks such as. Invoicing. Time tracking. Payroll.


Allocation your financial transactions

I manually review each transaction and organize all your financial transactions via your bank or credit card statements.


by labeling and classifiying as  Advertising and Marketing; Auto Expense: including gas ,milage repairs; Bank fees; Business License & Permits; Professional & Legal Fees; Office supplies & Software; Rent or Home office; Utilities (for work or office space); Telephone  (including Cell phone); Subcontractors; Equipment Rental; Insurance, etc.

These are all legal tax write-offs that save your Small Business owner Money!

Reports for you

Profit & Loss, Balance Statement & Trail Balance Financial Reports

What is a Profit & Loss Statement?

A P&L is a financial report that shows how much your business has spent and earned over a year, or quarter. Is required to file year-end taxes and requested by financial institutions to know where your business stands.

What is a Balance sheet?

A balance sheet is a financial statement that contains details of a company's assets (properties or vehicles, equipment under the business name) and liabilities (what your business owes; taxes, wages, and mortgage) at a specific point in time.

What is a Trial Balance Statment?

The goal of the Trial Balance is to confirm that the sum of all debits equals the sum of all credits and identify whether any entries have been recorded in the wrong account.

Using QuickBooks Desktop or Quickbooks Online to Process A/P & A/R. Invoice your clients. Allocate all financial transactions. Bank & Credit Card reconciling (making sure the system and bank statement have the same numbers incoming and outgoing); monthly, quarterly, and annually, and entering adjustments (journal entries) when required. Creating Financial reports. Processing payroll including contractor payments. Processing mandatory year-end 1099s for your contractors (anyone you are paying for services to run your business)  via QuickBooks or a third-party tax reporting program. Employee onboarding and timekeeping with QuickBooks or third-party Payroll service.

Public Notary in PA

Do you need to catch up on work to get current?
Are your financial books a mess and need some cleanup to get current?   
Have you done some work in your financial books but need some help?


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